October 25th, 2010

209: A Wasted Opportunity Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

209: A Wasted Opportunity
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4 comments to “209: A Wasted Opportunity”

  1. MIP:

    I like this storyline already:D

  2. Din182:

    I’m a new reader and i like this strip. It’s among my top 10 fav comics.

  3. Din182:

    I just noticed the time stamp, it’s only 7 o’clock here. Your server must be in Berlin or something.

  4. oppie:

    It’s always awesome to hear that people are enjoying the comic; it’s what makes all this hard work worth it. And I also always appreciate it when people leave comments.

    About the time stamp; I’m from The Netherlands (and my server as well), so that should explain it… or perhaps there was time travel involved?

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