August 9th, 2010

187: Regression Regrets Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

187: Regression Regrets
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4 comments to “187: Regression Regrets”

  1. MIP:

    So the DNA regression makes him a super smart talking toddler? Shouldn’t he have less thinking capacity as a toddler?

  2. oppie:

    Well, sure, but of course Otto built in a special feature that keeps the memory of the person in the DNA regression machine intact; otherwise any person using it wouldn’t know why he wanted to use the machine in the first place and wouldn’t be able to use his ‘life reset’ to avoid the mistakes that led him to wanting to go back to a younger self in the first place.

    …or maybe a better answer to your question would be; Yes, it doesn’t make sense when you think about it, but I needed the machine to work this way for the sake of the story. 😛

  3. MIP:

    ah because ofcourse if you just regress the body and not the mind how could he become less corrupted. It is probably because of his knowledge that he is corrupted anyway, not because of his body….

  4. oppie:

    Actually, in this strip Goldstein himself claims that his old age is his main problem. He only wants to become ‘less corrupt’ because Otto wouldn’t help him otherwise.

    You might claim that you still have a point because in today’s comic Otto diagnoses the problem to be the inability to think innocent thoughts, but as the creator of this comic, I get to make up a reason for that too. 😛

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