July 9th, 2010

179: Delicate Matters Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

179: Delicate Matters
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3 comments to “179: Delicate Matters”

  1. Jeroen:

    Is dat Frankie de Boer op de poster?

  2. Ruud:

    For the sake of my English speaking readers I’ll answer this one in English; I made this strip during the soccer World Cup, and I kind of had Arjen Robben in mind when I drew the poster, but it’s so vague that it could almost be anyone.

    I often like to put things like that into the backgrounds. Sometimes they’re references to current events (like the World Cup), the video games I was playing at the time or even in-jokes that only me and my friends will get.

  3. Cal Engime:

    Wait, that’s actual Dutch? This is the easiest language since Scots!

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