April 16th, 2010

172: A Good Start is Half The Work Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

172: A Good Start is Half The Work
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6 comments to “172: A Good Start is Half The Work”

  1. DeV:

    When Scientific Madness comics begin containing typos again you could definitely answer your own question with a great big yes.

    “Am I finally getting back on track?”

    FYI: It’s a universal translator, because when u makes the same sound as the y in you, a is used. E.g. “universal”, “user”, “unicorn”. I like unicorns, they’re purty 🙂

  2. oppie:

    You’re absolutely right; now why didn’t I see that one myself? In my defense; I was up late to finish this comic on time.

    Nevertheless, having you point out my spelling/grammar errors does indeed remind me of the ‘good old days’. Maybe I am getting back on track at last.

  3. Zixinus:

    Actually it would make sense for aliens trying to contact other civilizations to make messages that have an included dictionary.

  4. Cal Engime:

    A dictionary between their language and…what?

  5. Deneen:

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