April 9th, 2010

170: Classified Information Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

170: Classified Information
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4 comments to “170: Classified Information”

  1. DeV:

    Wow, a comic in which Otto has no lines. Has that ever happened before?You’ve got to like the way poor Mitch thinks about the world and life. Keep it up and find that “zone” back so we can enjoy Mad Sci… Scientific Madness for years to come!

  2. oppie:

    There have been many times when Otto hasn’t had any lines (there have even been ones where he doesn’t even appear at all, like this comic for example.)

  3. DeV:

    Hey, 170 comics, can’t expect me to know ’em all by head 😉

  4. oppie:

    Heh, don’t worry; I sometimes even lose track myself. 😛

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