November 30th, 2009

148: Forbidden Literature Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

148: Forbidden Literature
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10 comments to “148: Forbidden Literature”

  1. devnl:

    Ah kids, they grow up so fast…

  2. devnl:

    Did I mention that “indocrinate” is not an English word? And this time you cannot get away with the excuse that it’s two of the same letters. Do you ever actually proof read these things *angry*! 😛

  3. MIP:

    BURN! 😛 I don’t mind the spelling mistake, i didn’t even see it untill dev pointed it out.

  4. oppie:

    You probably won’t believe it but I actually did proofread the comic this time, which makes this mistake even more embarassing.

    It’s funny though; it seems that the best way to generate comments for a comic is to put in a few spelling errors. 😛

  5. littlebeast:

    Hmm, maybe I should try that. 😉

  6. PH:

    Whitey Industries…

  7. oppie:

    Maybe next time I need something to put into the background I’ll use your classic PH logo. 😉

  8. Blake:

    “Not scientifically possible” my butt! “Not currently existing”, true… But for scientifically possible? You’re just not toying with the right gene sequences. >:)

  9. oppie:

    Blake; true, but I’ve never seen a fairy tale that began with ‘once upon a time, a scientist was playing around with gene sequences…’ 😛

  10. Ricky:

    admin hovored:Žiadny ritue1l. Mysledm si, že je na prvfd pohľad jasne9, o čo sa jedne1, tak preto som nevysvetľoval nič pobndore. Vo viacerfdch šte1toch Afriky majfa akfatny nedostatok vody a nie to ešte nejake9 vane, či sprchy. Len som chcel, aby ste si touto fotkou dňa predstavili, ako to tam asi vypade1.

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