October 16th, 2009

136: There’s Always Next Year Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

136: There’s Always Next Year
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5 comments to “136: There’s Always Next Year”

  1. devnl:

    I like the 2nd panel best too 😉

  2. Paul Willen:

    Me too = Hey look – My avatar is on the second panel 😀

  3. oppie:

    Paul, consider it to be your prize for correctly answering the question I asked with this comic. 😛

    The Dvolve graffiti (I’m assuming that’s what devnl is referring to ;)) was inserted at the last moment. At first I just had the word ‘death’ spraypainted on the wall, but I figured that as I was doing a couple of ‘shout-outs’ to some websites I might as well put in a reference to the site that has previously hosted my comic for almost a year.

  4. MIP:

    Does that mean that dvolve, twitter and mobility minded combined will cause the world to end in 2012?

    …Always figured twitter was evil…

  5. oppie:

    I don’t know how you’d come to that conclusion as this entire storyline has basically been just about how nothing is going to happen in 2012.

    …but if you insist that websites are going to cause the end of the world, I’d also include a certain forum… Oh, no, wait, that thing will never be completed before 2012. 😛

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