May 22nd, 2008

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26: Why Not?
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4 comments to “26: Why Not?”

  1. Armand:

    “Even though today’s comic doesn’t deal with the secret origin of future Otto’s sword, I hope it’s still enjoyable”

    It is!!! 🙂

  2. devnl:

    Maybe we will soon see a Takotto Kensei!

  3. Oppie:

    Just wait untill the giant mole returns with telekinetic powers to steal your brain!

  4. Zixinus:

    Plus millions of Japanese would die anyway due to the constant firebombings (and pretty much various other kinds of bombings).

    It would actually be arguable whether the Russians could invent a nuke before the USA without skimming notes from the Manhattan project. Or whether they would even want to use the weapon.

    But meh. I’m glad that we are not entering time travel shennanigans.

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