November 13th, 2008

70: Feeling Blue Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

70: Feeling Blue
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4 comments to “70: Feeling Blue”

  1. Ghozd:

    you missed an “R” @ Error….:S:S

  2. Oppie:

    So what you’re trying to say is; I made an ERROR in the word ‘ERROR’! (the irony!)

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll make sure that this evidence of me making spelling errors will be removed soon.

  3. MIP:

    – I knew this Super computer would have AI!
    – Further more, the print on the monitor is too small for your readers (me for instance) to read.
    – Why “for the LOVE OF GOD” would you attach an old looking (probably slow) terminal to a super computer? A monitor and dvd drive would do… And isnt the side opening containing a keyboard/monitor?
    – Do they have a video card in there already?
    – Are those big coils, tape recorders to store data on? How old is this “super computer”?

    Yes i will stop my whining right now…and i’ll start waiting for the monday update….

  4. Oppie:

    MIP, thank you for your questions.

    – The text on the monitor is small indeed; it’s why Albert repeats it out loud for the reader to understand the message.
    – Attaching a slow terminal to a supercomputer would not be a problem as the thing that makes it slow (it’s processor) will be ‘replaced’ by the supercomputer. It’s like attaching a huge jet engine to an old car; the car might be old and slow, but the newly attached jet engine negates that.
    – I don’t think they’ve added a video card. Luckily, the game Orange Alarm 4 allows for OpenGL rendering, thus allowing them to use the supercomputer’s processing power to do all the necessary graphics calculations.
    – Yes, it’s a rather old-school supercomputer.

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