April 13th, 2017

Back From the Dead

Let me assure you that you are not hallucinating or dreaming; Scientific Madness has indeed updated again after what feels like a century of hiatus. It never sat well with me how I left this comic in the middle of a storyline without ever wrapping it up properly and people have been telling me for years that they felt the same. Back then circumstances at work and in life (people get older and at some point you end up with what they call ‘responsibilities’) kept me from being able to spend much time on drawing and the comic slowly faded from my mind. I’ve always vowed to “someday pick up the story again and give it a proper conclusion” but there were always other projects or situations that required my attention.

Yet a few weeks ago a few doodles at work helped remind me of Otto and Albert and how much I enjoyed drawing their adventures. This had rekindled the “itch” to draw again – even if it’s just to finish the story I left the comic on. For now, I’ll be posting weekly updates to finish up the current plot line (for everyone who’s forgotten where we left off; Otto and Albert need an assistant for their chores and science work). After that, I’m hoping to add one last big adventure, but I’m putting a big disclaimer on that one – I don’t have any it written or drawn yet.

As a slight footnote; after all these years my drawing skills are a bit rusty so the quality of my drawings may be not as good as you’ve come to expect – but I’m sure you’ll be able to forgive that fact if it means more Scientific Madness.

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