May 7th, 2012

290: Still Better Than Unemployment Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

290: Still Better Than Unemployment
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11 comments to “290: Still Better Than Unemployment”

  1. Hetmipje:

    Are you joking who wouldnt want to work for the next dr frankenstein?

  2. Hetmipje:

    I’m stalking you every day. I’m alive but you will probably not notice me but i’m never hiding. Who am i?

  3. Ruud:

    @hetmipje – I’m assuming the answer is bacteria?

  4. Hetmipje:

    Blegh you assume correctly ill try to make up another one tomorrow

  5. Hetmipje:

    A woman is in a hurry and forgets her coat and umbrella. She rushes to work and when she arrives at her workstation she isn’t wet. How come?

  6. Robert:

    Its not raining?
    (great comic!)

  7. Hetmipje:

    You are absolutely correct robert, it never rained!

  8. devnl:

    Since when did this become 😛

  9. Hetmipje:

    It’s like a free addon i’m trying to provide

  10. Hetmipje:

    This is not a riddle…where is todays comic?

  11. Ruud:

    Sadly I did not have enough time to complete today’s comic (yeah, yeah, lame excuse, I know). I’ll probably be able to finish it this weekend.

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