April 30th, 2012

288: A Fitting Candidate Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

288: A Fitting Candidate
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7 comments to “288: A Fitting Candidate”

  1. Hetmipje:


    A square house has four wall. Each wall has a window viewing south. A bear starts eating in front of one of the windows. What color is the bear?

  2. Ruud:

    White, of course, because the only place where all the walls would face south is at the north pole. The bear is a polar bear.

  3. Hetmipje:

    You are correct again oppie! Ill give another bonus one:

    What do you call a woman that was born in the netherlands, lived in belgium and died in germany?

  4. Alex:

    You call her European ! 😀

  5. Hetmipje:

    No not the answer i was looking for…riddle on!

  6. iamjustin:

    You call her a TRAITOR!
    But European was good too.

  7. Hetmipje:

    Wrong justin, guess again!

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