April 27th, 2012

287: Advice Delivery Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

287: Advice Delivery
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10 comments to “287: Advice Delivery”

  1. devnl:

    Ohoh, I smell a conspiracy in the air. This Pizza Delivery “Boy” looks more like someone from a mobster crew trying to place a hit on poor Otto…. * Dun dun dun *

  2. Hetmipje:

    I have a pizza company? Im going to make a pizza nobody can refuse!

  3. Hetmipje:

    And ofcourse batman aka justin bieber googled correct it was fire… More difficult to google this time:

    I’m moving for else I would be nothing, but no one will ever see me though you could feel me sometimes, but not always…

  4. Ruud:

    @hetmipje; that one’s really easy; the wind. There, I solved it… Now tell me where you’re keeping the hostages!

  5. Hetmipje:

    That was fast, was going to wait for next comic but i guess i can do two this time:

    I’m always there allowing you to live because without me you would be dead but in the wrong place I will kill you. (who am I?)

  6. iamjustin:

    Combined with fire, it will kill you.

    Also, a heart,
    Or a brain.
    Or blood.
    Or videogames.

    I mean, who could live without videogames.

  7. Hetmipje:

    Wrong on all accounts. Your answer reminds me of a character in psych investigations a story on wattpad though. Check the story out you might like it 😉

  8. Ruud:

    @hetmipje; it’s water, right? Either that or beer.

  9. Hetmipje:

    Correct again oppie! Next one at next comic!

  10. Monox D. I-Fly:

    Pimiani? Does he have something to do with Don Pimiani? Or will Don Pimiani be back to take revenge like another enemy of Otto?

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