January 13th, 2012

265: Window of Opportunity Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

265: Window of Opportunity
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4 comments to “265: Window of Opportunity”

  1. iamjustin:

    MAN!, Otto is dumb. Hasn’t he watched any bad 80’s movie? If Cornelius had a gun, he would shoot 80 bullets, with one magazine, hits 20 bad guys and completely miss Otto. That’s the way these things work, darned.

  2. Ruud:

    Yeah, but there’s always the risk that you’re actually not the protagonist but the bumbling scientist who gets killed to show the readers how horrible the villain really is – would you take that chance?

  3. hetMIPje:

    Sure I would take that chance! Everybody knows the hero will never get killed by the villain, there is some chance on serieus pain though but because you are the hero you will get the girl in the end. So yes I would take that chance!

  4. iamjustin:

    Wait?! There’s a girl? I haven’t seen any decent females…

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