January 2nd, 2012

Happy New Year

Wait, what happened to 2011? This year went by so quickly that it was over before I even realized it had started. Anyway, it’s 2012 now, and I’m afraid that we’ll be hearing a lot about the so-called impending apocalypse. Just remember, if anyone dares to mention the Mayan calendar, feel free to refer them to the real explanation why it ends in 2012.

4 comments to “Happy New Year”

  1. Hetmipje:

    A delayed happy new year oppie. Dont know if anything is happy about the year WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! but lets try. Any real sf lover knows how the world is going to end…

    It’s going to be overrun by aliens when the predators fail to whipe them out after a hunt. And the maya’s didn’t end there calander but merely made a count down to the next visit from outer space. Duh! Everybody knows this, right?

  2. Ruud:

    Isn’t there some unwritten law that says you can’t say “happy new year” after January? Ah, whatever – I appreciate it anyway. 😛

    As for the end of the world, the only one that seems even moderately realistic to me is the good old ‘meteor strike’ scenario. Of course, that wouldn’t be the end of the earth or even humanity – but it’s probably the closest we can get to an actual apocalypse. Of course, what happens after the apocalypse is a whole different thing… luckily we have enough movies to also give us unrealistic expectations about that.

  3. HetMIPje:

    You don’t believe in aliens or the zombie uprising then???

  4. Ruud:

    I dont ‘believe’ in them, but I’ll admit that both would be cooler than a meteor strike. Of the two, I’d prefer the zombie uprising, because at least we have a chance against them. Aliens are just too technologically advanced (if they’d make it all the way here), so we’d be pretty much screwed. Zombies on the other hand are slow (if we’re talking about the ‘classic’ type) and vulnerable to chainsaws, flamethrowers and just about everything else.

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