November 18th, 2011

261: Distracted Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

261: Distracted
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13 comments to “261: Distracted”

  1. Hetmipje:

    Ow he will be put down allright, right into the sharktank. But i have only one question….where are the freaking lasers attached to its head?

  2. devnl:

    *clears throat* About the sharks… They were put on the endangered species list… We do have seabass…mutated….seabass…

  3. Hetmipje:

    ow come on how can somebody be evil if they dont want to injure any endangered species?

  4. Hetmipje:

    And do they have lasers? I want lasers

  5. iamjustin:

    Yah I agree, we need lasers. Like… maybe more sharks with two lasers. And an orca with claws, like Wolverine-claws.

    By the by, Otto is kind of a douchebag, I mean… everyone knows the evil dude always has a five minute speech where he explains what his plans are…

    But the bigger question is *dum dum duummm* how will Otto be recued? Lassie? His son? A transformer build of Xbox-PlayStation-Wii-compartments?

  6. Hetmipje:

    He will be saved by an american triple chocolate cookie!!! Thats my best guess…

  7. Ruud:

    In this economic crisis, we all have to make sacrifices – and sometimes you even have to cut costs on the laser-sharks, nuclear pirañas and electro-platypuses.

  8. Hetmipje:

    No platypus? Don’t know if i can still find this story credible then…

  9. Hetmipje:

    Okok i find it credible you win…just produce that next comic…..please?

  10. Hetmipje:

    Ruud are you alive?

  11. iamjustin:

    Oh man, this new comic, it’s awesome.

    OH WAIT!

    There is no new comic ;(

  12. Hetmipje:

    Oh oh justinzilla is getting upset… Save tokyo draw a comic!

  13. Ruud:

    Blame these accursed holidays (so much shopping…)! The fact that so many good games came out around november doesn’t help either! But – seeing as how I have a week off soon, I’ll hopefully be able to draw at least one new strip.

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