November 14th, 2011

260: First Time’s the Charm Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

260: First Time’s the Charm
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3 comments to “260: First Time’s the Charm”

  1. iamjustin:

    I called the trap Mousetrap….

    I foresaw it!

  2. hetMIPje:

    Was plan X putting him in a box? So the board would say: X-Box? :D:D:D Ow Em Geee I made a joke! 😛

  3. Ruud:

    @iamjustin; Heh, there certainly seems to be a theme going on here, considering that the title of the previous strip was ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat‘.

    @hetMIPje; I wish I thought of this amazingly hilarious joke so I could have put it in the strip!!! 😛

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