March 10th, 2011


Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades (like myself), you’ve probably noticed this little thing called Facebook and its prominent place in ‘social media’. Resistance is futile, and thus, today join the Scientific Madness Facebook Page and show your friends what your favorite (or second favorite, we don’t mind) webcomic is. Honestly; if you’ve ever wondered how you can help the comic and get me to do more updates, this is the way that requires the least effort: more readers means less excuses for me to miss updates, and more frequent updates for you, so what are you waiting for?

As an added bonus, I’ve uploaded one of the random artworks I’ve done in the past. If the page gets more ‘likes’ I’ll add more, so tell your friends!

If you’re wondering why I’m working on Facebook pages instead of strips – no worries there; I can promise there will be a new one very soon (this monday at the latest!), I just have a few more knots in the storyline to work out.

2 comments to “Facebookkeeping”

  1. Alex:

    Hi, Was just wondering why the strip hasn’t been updated in almost a month. Has there been a site move or something?

  2. Aui:

    Yeah I clicked on it a dozen times since the last update.

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