January 28th, 2011

236: Not in any Real Danger Read the storyline the current comic belongs to

236: Not in any Real Danger
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2 comments to “236: Not in any Real Danger”

  1. Momar:

    Oh-my-Bob! X^D

  2. Dhaynie:

    As a kid we used to have to travel 40+ mnuetis one way to go to an actual grocery store, sure we had a small market in our town, but Lubbock had actual grocery stores where you could by other things than Rice and Pinto Beans. Well we would ever so often pull this stunt on my mom were one of us would say, Mom, please stop, we have to wee. Well stopping on the way to Lubbock meant that you pulled off on one of the dirt roads to get off the highway. Well as soon as we would stop we’d jump out of the car and start jumping around going Wee, wee, wee!! Well to say the least this joke was hilarious to us, but eventually my mom would get back at us by either driving off and going so far that it looked like she wasn’t coming back, or she’d just pass us an empty bottle and tell us if we need to go just go cause she’s not stopping.Seeing Joy request that she needs to Wee from the backseat just brought back those memories.

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