December 6th, 2010

221: That’s Not How That Works Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

221: That’s Not How That Works
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12 comments to “221: That’s Not How That Works”

  1. RPF:

    It’s Don Pimiani!

    Now what do I win?:)

  2. MIP:

    I’m back? :O

    Nice propaganda posters btw oppie!

  3. Ruud:

    @RPF – I’m assuming the respect and admiration of all readers and myself is enough of a prize.

    @MIP – Thanks, but don’t get your hopes up, Pimiani is only making a cameo appearance here.

  4. MIP:

    Hmm normally i blend with the crowd. So if i stick out, it should be for a good reason 😛

  5. Ruud:

    …but wait a second; didn’t you at first make a big point of not being identified with Pimiani because you didn’t approve of his… physique? What changed?

  6. MIP:

    I grew fat? 😛 nah that’s a joke… I am now used to the idea of looking like that in your comic

  7. devnl:

    So MIP gets a character based on him in the comic and what do I get!? Nothing! 😛

  8. Ruud:

    What?! You don’t remember good old General Stevenson? I named a character after you way before MIP got his!

  9. devnl:

    Then the General definetly needs to make a comeback!

  10. Din182:

    This is the first comic Ive read that allows readers to appear. Or is it just friends who read it?

  11. Ruud:

    Yeah, they’re friends that I know in “Real Life” (as they say). But the reason why I named characters after them is mainly because I can never come up with good names for secondary characters, so borrowing them from people I know is often the easiest solution.

  12. diavel:

    lol “don’t escape, please”

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