November 15th, 2010

215: Solitary Companionship Comic informationRead the storyline the current comic belongs to

215: Solitary Companionship
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5 comments to “215: Solitary Companionship”

  1. MIP:


  2. Siwoc:

    Is he really alone in the cell?

  3. MIP:

    My guess: yes he is, computer hackers are the most dangerous people these days

  4. Ruud:

    Well, consider that the rumors are actually true (he did break into a government facility single-handedly), just not in the way they expected. Nevertheless, dangerous as it may be, hacking isn’t really a useful skill when you’re in a prison without any access to computers.

    If you’re asking yourself “why are there two people in solitary confinement?”, then I’ll offer you the explanation I just made up; the prison staff actually forgot that the hacker was in there.

  5. joe:

    hacker doesnt mean evil, hackers are people who know in and out of system. this one on fullbc is abt neards n hackers nerds

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